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I began life as an Air Forces brat and followed this civilian military experience with a stint in the Army myself. Through the years I dabbled in Oil painting and drawing, while experimenting with other methods of making a living. I went back to school a couple of times, always getting knocked off course by perceived family issues. Eventually I found myself at another cross-roads, only to discover through the searches of an astute daughter, that the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill would enable me to go back to school and finally obtain a degree.  The pursuit of a BA in studio-art turned into a BFA, validating my passion for self-expression. In the meantime I had painted some commissioned work on outside walls as large as 8’ x 12’, and oil canvases as large as 8’ x 5’.  The realm of artistic methods expanded while I was pursuing this degree. Printmaking is a new discovery, opening the way to a fusion of artistic expression coupled with newer technologies.  My many life changes inform all the work.


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