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Monthly Archives: August 2014

So… I’m back in school again. This semester I have Chemistry 101 and Chem Lab 103, and Contemporary Issues in Meteorology, among other classes.  Quite the mix.   Heavy on the Science.

This mornings class left me thinking about causal relationships and how we view them.

If you take one set of factors, and put them on a line and another set of factors that appear related to the first factors, and put them on another line and set them at a 90 degree angle, you can use those factors to create a graph.  You can set up a problem that charts a causal relationship.   The tricky part is determining Which part of the related items caused the other part to happen, if they aren’t Both caused by something Else.

Of course we have all heard that the increased Human activity is causing  a hole in the Ozone…  and that we are increasing the green-house gas, carbon dioxide, through various means, And that we contribute significantly to an increase in methane, which is another greenhouse gas (though cows are apparently a Bigger source of methane contribution than we are).  The cycle of decay contributes to the methane production overall. The class material informs us that water vapor is another Greenhouse gas, which is in a much bigger proportion in the atmosphere than either of the other two.

So….. I got to thinking about heat, and growth, and decay…. because after-all, the increased heat, changing to Ice age has happened Several times, according to the data, even Way before people populated the earth.  So how did that happen if WE are to blame for it now?

What if……. we are looking at the graph relationship backwards?

If we look at increasing heat, as a causal relationship with an increasing ability of the earth to produce plant life (in the ice age, only the tropic zone produced noticeable plant life, but as the ice retreated, much larger areas of land could produce much more plant life) which in turn increases the ability of animal life to proliferate, and all of that increase raises, and speeds up the release of methane from the decay cycle.. both the increase in the plant/animal life ( added carbon dioxide and added oxygen) and the increase in the decay cycle (added methane) would add green-house gases to the atmosphere, and the increased Heat would also increase the evaporation cycle and add more water vapor to the air. The more green-house gases added, the more heat trapped beneath, would again create more available land area to produce increased plant life (at least where there is enough water).  This would cause a continuing expansion of green-house gases and heat for an ongoing number of centuries….. People wouldn’t have  been necessary to cause any of this affect.  Just increasing Heat.  So where did the increase in heat come from in the first place?

Just something to think about.


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