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craps (Photo credit: Ben McLeod)

OK.  So I’m feeling guilty for not writing sooner than this.  It’s not that I haven’t had any opinions on anything, nor that I don’t wish to express it, but I just haven’t had a lot to say on anything, so I haven’t.  Other people have been doing a fine job of saying all kinds of things, so I don’t think you’ve had any lack of reading material.

I know that I’m not alone in wishing that the elections were already over.  It’s been a Really long electoral season, and the rhetoric has been thick from all sides.  There’s an awful lot of research and pondering to do about it all.  For many, this season is one of a toss of the coin.  It may seem like there is no clear choice. To some, both candidates may appear to have blatant weaknesses.  So the question then becomes what do you want to take your chances on?

Casting your vote in an election may be akin to tossing the dice at a Craps table.  You’re putting all the juice behind your selection that you can get, hoping fervently that the outcome will be in your favor.  Come on….. baby needs a new pair of shoes!

Well, that last saying may be truer for many than it ever has been before if the rate of increase in people on food stamps is any indication.  In this gambling climate, the question becomes do you want to leave your money riding on the current course, and hope that the odds will change and fall in your favor this time?

Of course, when we gamble, we usually have a set limit that we won’t go beyond.   What limit did we set for ourselves, for our economy, for our nation?  Have we exceeded that limit?  Would casting your vote for the same course of action be doubling down on a long lost cause?  Can we afford to double down?  What would happen to us if the gamble Fails?

Maybe it’s time to walk away from this crap game and find something that’s more along the lines of applying our talents to earning our money the old fashioned way.  It may be slower, but the risks are fewer, and we have more individual control over the out come.



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