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I am beginning a new venture.  I am working with a young lady in the Phillipine Islands to translate a book of poetry.  In some ways, I feel like I’m working blind, as I do not speak or read her language.  I have known her for a little while though and trust her intelligence and instincts.  I wonder how she is feeling about this…. the poetry originated on this side of the world.  How will it translate there?  In what ways will sympathies be the same, and in what ways, be confusing?

This should be interesting as a cultural exchange of another sort.

Thank you to sekart99 at Flikr for the beautiful photograph.

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  1. Hi emaria

    here is the poetry post I mentioned. Do check out Sophie Agrell – and if you like her work, do pass the link around to anyone you think might also like Sophie’s work. I think she deserves to be widely read. Thanks!

    • You are so right. I’ll share it on my facebook. Perhaps it will get picked up and passed along by someone in my Huge family, or in my network of friends in this area.

  2. Hi emaria

    all good wishes with the project which sounds great. Interesting synchronicity that I am just about to start writing a post in which I will publish some poems from a young UK poet I’ve been encouraging over the last couple of years and who is now getting published by a UK poetry publisher. I’ll send you the link!


    • Thank you Anne. I’d like that. I’ve been reading a variety of poems lately. They run the gamut from formal to …..
      well, published or no, there are some types of poetry I actually prefer Not to read. It may be art to some, but to me, it’s just wallowing in dung; however, to each their own.

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