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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Dear Daughters,

I Love you.  Each and every one of you.  Angela, Lacy, Bethany, Emily, and Naomi.  I love the beautiful people you are.  I love that you are, that you exist, that you feel and breathe and love yourselves.  Do Love yourself.  You are worth it. You are worth everything.  There is nobody like you, and the you that you are is more important than you can know.  I need you.

That probably sounds ridiculous, but it’s true.  How could I need you?  by the fact of your birth being the single most important driving force imaginable to me.  Oh sure, I loved horses, and fairy tales, and adventure, but more than these, more than anything else, Ever, I love my daughters.  I loved them before they were ever born.  I love them still.  I love you.

I hope, if you are ever in any doubt, that you will remember the times I held you, the times I rocked you, the times I sang to you. I wasn’t just singing to any child.  I was singing to you personally.   At that time, at that place, at that moment you were the single most important part of my life.  You still are.

Whatever I do in this life, where ever I go, I take you with me in my heart.  You mean everything to me.  Whether we get along or not.  I love you.  I want the best for you, and if you ever feel like it, I hope you know that you can always come home.  You are welcome here, anytime.  I may not have the best circumstances available, but whatever my circumstances are, they will be better with you here, than not.  You are precious to me.

Please, believe me.  You are loved, you are needed, you are important.  There is work for you to do in this life that is worthy of your talents.  Come home, anytime you feel like it.


Your Mother

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