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I wrote a rant a while back when a gallon of milk that I brought home didn’t taste like the usual 5% butter fat “Whole Milk” that I was used to.  It tasted more like the 2% milk, only a little richer.  I noticed then, that none of the milk jugs I had purchased recently had the fat values on the labels anymore.  What’s up with that, anyway?

Which brings me to this new piece of information.  I was in a store last week talking to the guy who stocked the milk.  I mentioned to him that I had noticed that sometimes the milk didn’t taste like whole milk anymore.  He told me that was because the fat value for whole milk isn’t 5% anymore.  It’s been changed to 3% now.  He said he didn’t think the cows were making the milk as fat anymore.  I was aghast, not just for the fact that my Milk is being systematically reduced in value, but also because this national anti-fat push is actually harmful.

We need our milk fat.  It’s part of our balanced natural fat source diet.  When we don’t balance our fats,  when we limit our fat intake to only one type, and little enough of that as well, we are actually doing more damage to ourselves than people who eat bacon fat in everything.  Fats are necessary for a whole life well being.  Your body is designed to use fats as part of it’s overall system, and the glands appreciate the type of slow, even release of energy that the body’s conversion of fat to sugar provides.

Fats are what helps you be happy.  Literally!  Without fats, your metabolism is entirely dependent on immediately available sources of energy and vitamins and minerals.  We would have to be snacking all day long on mixed salads to give our body what it needed to operate properly, if we remove the fat content from our diets.  Without a Balance of the two types of fat, your arteries get clogged and damaged. You need both types to counter each other.  Natural sources of fat are the best type.

Milk fat isn’t harmful. It’s helpful.   Put the butter-fat back in the Milk!  5% was low enough!


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  1. The reason for milk not being 5% is not the cows (though in reality, the way they are treated could definitely bring down the nutrients in their milk).

    The reason is that the Powers That Be have decided to bring down the fat content. The whole milk you buy at a grocery store is not straight from a cow. Instead, all milk from industrialized dairies is combined together and then centrifuged. The cream is all separated from the milk and then recombined to get your skim, 2%, whole milk, etc.

    I would theorize that since there is a call for cream in the form of cream cheese, ice cream, etc. that far outweighs the amount of cream from 2% and skim that the cream from whole milk is being sacrificed for that purpose.

    If you truly want milk that isn’t centrifuged or homogenized (which has its own set of health issues), please consider supporting a local farmer or creamery in your area. Unless the farmer is selling raw milk (which is much better for you anyways), at least they still selling whole milk.

    My farmer (who sells raw milk), only sells whole milk and cream. Any milk he skims the cream off, goes to feed his pigs.

  2. I’ve been drinking 2% milk all my life, so I found your post to be very interesting. Thanks for the informative and easy to understand explanation on milk fat!

    Please check out my blog

    I’d love to hear what you think about it!

    getPHYT, Exercise Your Mind.

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