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How to Be a Serial Killer

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The Journal of Medical Ethics recently accepted an article for publication from two people, Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva, who label themselves as “bio-ethicists“.  The paper that was accepted for publication in late February of 2012, declared that, “When circumstances occur after birth such that they would have justified abortion, what we call after-birth abortion should be permissible.”  Funny, the last time I looked “Bio” meant “Life”, and “Ethics” meant activities which were “Good”.  When did taking the life of a living human being become “good”?  Even taking the life of a serial killer isn’t “good”. It may be necessary to protect the lives of others, but it isn’t “good”

The publication of this paper in the Journal of Medical Ethics was reported in the Washington Times on Monday, March 12, of 2012, by Rep. Christopher H. Smith ,  who declared the rationale to be false and the activity to be nothing short of  murder.  I have to agree with him, as should any respecter of life.  The minute you accept the reasoning behind this paper, is the minute you declare Yourself to be not worth keeping alive.

If the right to life is not accepted as a standard that is extended to all live human beings, across the board, then there is no right to life at all. This is not a rationale that indicates a civilized society, nor one of love for one’s fellow human beings, nor one which should make Anyone, in Any group of people feel comfortable in their “right” to existence and respect from other human beings.  This rationale can be extended to anyone at any time for what ever “reason” they want to tack on to it, in order to “justify” killing people.

What I find equally disturbing to the premise that a baby can be considered not worth keeping alive, is that the so called, “Journal of Medical Ethics” accepted this paper for publication.  The Journal of Medical Ethics does not have to accept a paper for publication if they don’t agree that the reasoning is sound.  They did accept the paper for publication; therefore, ipso facto, they agreed that the reasoning behind this paper was “sound.”  What does this say about who we look to for declaring good medical practices?

Then, there is the amazing coincidence that these two “bio-ethicists” are apparently of Italian heritage, and this article smacks of the similar things that were declared in Italy prior to WWII.  Did they dig up the old papers and just re-hash those declarations?  or did they just come up with these insideous ideas all by themselves.  How is it that we have forgotten so soon the atrocities and the lessons of that war?   It hasn’t been that long people!  Where are your hearts?  Where are your heads?  Where is your compassion, and love of living?  Or are those things only reserved for those who write medical papers and publish them?  How sad that we earth bound have come so low, yet again; and now this insideous justification shows up Here, on Our shores, in Our publications, in Our philosophy.  Shame on us.

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  1. Yes it is. Don’t atrocities always start out as good intentions, then justifications, then just butchery.

  2. It’s scary to think that anyone would consider a baby a “non-person.” As you said, the idea could be extended to anyone. We need to pay attention.

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