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I haven’t written a serious post in a few weeks.  Some of the news has just been too sad, and I was left feeling speechless, or “writeless”, for the time being; however, this latest swipe by our President at the impending challengers to his current position leaves me breathless with disbelief (but not yet speechless).  Either Mr. Obama is irresponsible in his Presidential duties, or he’s seriously challenged in his critical thinking ability (or possibly both).

How a sitting President can sit in talks with an ally who is threatened daily with annihilation by another country and tell his political challengers that they can stifle the war talk is beyond me.  What belligerent country in their right mind wouldn’t take that as permission to go ahead and do whatever they want?  If I were the Iranian leadership, and I heard that (and you can be certain they have) I would be jumping up and down for joy.  Whoopee, they’ll be feeling.  “You know there’s not going to be any military reprisals from that source.” they will be thinking (and while they are thinking that, they will be planning their next belligerent move).

Maybe I was wrong to believe that once a sitting President is in the seat of power that there would be some sort of mantle of responsibility that wakes them up to real world issues.  Maybe I was mistaken in assuming that the information a sitting President receives is sufficient to help them understand the gravity of certain political situations.  Maybe this sitting President hasn’t got the memo yet, that Iran is serious about destroying Israel.

Or maybe he just doesn’t have the stuff between his ears to understand the information he receives, maybe it’s that  instead……

I don’t know what the problem is at the White House.  I hope that wasn’t something someone put on the teleprompter for him to say.  Surely the Presidential handlers vet those speeches better than that.  Surely they don’t all believe that saying such things in public, for everyone to hear, will not result in a net loss to Our nation, as well as to Israel. Surely, someone needs to check that out and make sure it doesn’t happen again; at least not during negotiations with a country you hope to intimidate into Not developing Nuclear weapons!!!

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  1. You know, I replied to this already on Facebook, so I’ll just leave a different reflection here. I wasn’t actually as harsh in this piece as what I really thought.
    What I really thought when I saw the reporters piece about his statements, was that our President, the man who wanted to be the leader of the Whole country, had just let his re-election compain interfere with a vital negotiation with a dangerous country.
    What I really thought, was that respoonding to campain rhetoric from competing candidates for the 2012 election was more important to him than giving his negotiations any real chance of success.
    So, No. I am Not taking a swipe at a guy who is trying to avoid a war. I am taking a swipe at a guy who doesn’t really care if one starts, as long as he can say something back to his competitors and Look like he’s being the good guy.
    Form over function.
    Appearances over substance.
    That’s waht I thought when I saw his response to the campain rhetoric. He doesn’t care about what happens to the rest of us, as long as he gets what he wnats out of it.

  2. You’re really going to chastise a man who is trying to avoid a war? I really hate getting into politics with you woman, so after this comment, I will not respond to anything you have to say. This is what I know. Yes this is an extremely serious issue that has been a few years in the making. Talk may seem cheap now. However, Obama has not said that war was not an option, he just said that he would like to try one last time to resolve this issue in a peaceful manner. And, correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn’t a war on Iran make oil prices sky rocket? I find the avoidance of that one singular consequence (not even touching on the billions of dollars and precious lives at stake) to be a very responsible thing to do. I believe any individual holding office at this very time, democratic, republican, whatever would be doing the same thing (despite whatever is being spit around out there because political debates), holding off from war and doing their best to resolve the matter peacefully. I believe the President does very much “understand the gravity” of this certain political situation and is doing his best to balance the needs of his allies, the world, and first and foremost his country.

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