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I’ve been practicing poetic forms in another forum, and I’ve created not a few Haiku’s while there. Some of them are pretty good, and some of them are simple, and some of them are both.  I’ll leave it up to you to decide which ones are worth reading, but I’m going to include a few of them here together.

So as to not get the titles confused with the actual form,  the Titles of each are in bold italics.  I hope you enjoy the reading.

These next few are dedicated to Maggie, who’s thoughts were the inspiration for them.


Lighter Than

Inspiring sun light

Wakes me with it’s gentle rays

Sends me warmed, to bed


Sum Total

Life experience

and a long journey, equals

a wealth of knowledge


Present Treasure

A new Horizon

Provides a Welcome Vista

To my Memories


Soul Balm

All the memories

The days of splendid beauty

Bring blessed relief.


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