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Ginger tea
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Oh Joy!  I have a cold.  Is this something to make a post over?  I don’t know, but I feel like complaining.

Colds are miserable things to have.  I have the fever, the headache, the stuffy, dripping nose (with chapping) and my ears are stopped up too.   And sneezing!  Ouch!

So what do I normally do when I get one of these things?  Ginger Tea!

Not the dried in a packet variety; but a chunk of fresh ginger root cut up in water and boiled to make a strong tea. It’ll be a golden color when it’s ready. Add honey, and cool to a drinkable level, and down the hatch.

It usually takes about three cups a day to keep the cold from defeating me.  I’ve known this formula to  be Very efficacious in dealing with even a severe bout of Bronchitis while I was pregnant.  It was already hurting in my chest when I began the treatment.  After three large cups of tea, within 24 hours it was already on it’s way out, and I was well over it within three days.

This isn’t my personal discovery.  This has been around for millenia.  It’s a staple in Chinese home remedies.

Be warned though.  It’s a flushing formula.

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