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I’m sure I’m not the only one following the Republican primary season, or it’s attendant shenanigans.  We’ve only just gotten started but I believe the dirty tricks are well begun.

I don’t know how many of you know this, but South Carolina doesn’t connect people’s party with their registration to vote.  In order to participate in the voting on the Republican contenders, all you had to do was be registered to vote.

So, given that coming into South Carolina, Romney and Gingrich were closer to neck and neck, does anybody else have the feeling that the rather larger than expected margin of win might have something to do with Democratic voters turning up and voting on the candidate that they would Most like their Democratic candidate to run against?

Honestly.  Newt Gingrich has a Huge target painted on him.  Sure he’s a fire in the belly debater, but he’s got to withstand 9 more months of intense Democratic attacks, and he has So many ways of being attacked.  He’s Not a good choice for a Republican candidate; but if you think his winning in South Carolina is a harbinger of his chances against a sitting President, be my guest, and follow right along with the current press craze.  Either way, They’ll love reporting on this race.

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I very much appreciate that Newt can communicate a grand vision. He’s a very charismatic person. I just don’t trust him. I’ve known too many people who were like him. They are always first and foremost for themselves. If it came down to brass tacks, I believe Newt would sell out and do whatever was good for Newt, regardless of what was good for the country.
    Romney will do what he believes is good for the country first. He’s like that, even when it wouldn’t be his personal choice. He may not be exciting to listen to, but he’s a steady hand on the tiller, and he does understand what’s good for business. We need that now.

  2. I think he’s the only Republican who can beat Obama. Romney’s approach is essentially Obama-lite. Republicans need a big thinker, like a Ronald Reagan, to recapture the White House. That’s what Gingrich offers. Mr. Santorum characterizes it as grandiosity. I call it vision. I like the Gingrich vision for America.
    By the way, this is my first time to your blog, and I enjoyed your thoughts on the campaign.

    • Ronald Reagan also understood what was good for business. His greatest asset besides knowing what we needed to do was in being able to communicate that vision to the people, in a way that the people could embrace. In that way, Newt is like Reagan. He can definitely communicate an idea.
      I like Romney because he looks at the whole picture. His proposed solutions are what he believes is doable without doing more damage to the country than has already occurred. It’s a delicate balancing act.
      If I weren’t afraid of what more damage could be/would be done, I’d be for Ron Paul. His plans, although dead accurate on the constitution, would cause additional difficulties in the implementation. We have enough problems already.
      In this, Romney is displaying a compassionate side that has been overlooked, or misunderstood. It is his compassion, despite all appearances to the contrary, that helps me appreciate him more than the others. I have been utterly dismayed at the cold hearted cheering by some of the party base, on subjects that concern life and death. What are we coming too? or have we always been there?

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