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I was angry.

Now I am not.

I was afraid.

Now I am not.

I felt despair.

Now I have hope.

There is no rational explanation for what I feel.

It just is.

Because it is what it is.

That is the nature of the challenge.

If there were no difficulties,

How would there be a test?

If there were no test,

Why bother with this type of existence?

God could make us all run on automatic with only a little tweaking.

But he doesn’t,

Because he wants the test to show us what we are, and can do, and can’t do.

Then we will be satisfied

that where we are placed is the right place for us.

We will all be happy.

Everyone will be happy.

I will be happy.

So I may as well start being happy now.


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  1. But when a friend shares there budren and you make it lighter so they can breath and live again. How do you then, carring the burden for them, in turn, let it go?

  2. The tests were easy when I was young.
    Now I am old and the tests are so very hard.
    I need to find the strength I had so long ago.
    When we walk down a path we must be perpared
    to find what is at the end.
    Surounded by friends could you hope for more?
    A beautiful peace.

  3. Thank you for dropping by and liking it 🙂
    Some times are tougher than others.
    I just have to remember “this too shall pass”
    It is but a moment in a long season.

  4. We all will be happy! 😉
    nice blog.

    • Thank you. If we only understood how much God loves us…

  5. I also believe this life is a test…. to see how much we can love each other, thus get closer to God.

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog. We wouldn’t need a test if it was only about our capabilities, but it’s also about what we do with them. How well we serve each other is more important than how much we make, or how popular we are, or how good we are at our craft.

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