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Pain comes from disappointment.

We expected more from ourselves.

Our expectations are our enemies.

Anger comes from fear.

We fear what we do not understand the end of.

Fear is the opposite of faith.

Despair comes from giving up on yourself.

You are afraid you don’t have the right stuff.

God believes you are always worth hoping for.

If God believes it, why don’t you?

He is smarter than you.

He already knew you before you were here.

He knew there would be difficulties.

That’s why he agreed to pay the price for you ahead of time.

After everything you can do, he will do the rest.

Do everything you can.

Do what you must.

Trust him.

He will bring you home.

He is not disappointed.

He already knew what would happen.

He only wants you to let him help you.

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  1. I am so blessed to have had guardian angels when I needed them the most.
    They have always been there.
    Sometime pain there is no reason it exists because it can.
    Believing again finding that which was lost is it a dream?

  2. My heart palpitates at the thought of disappointing a friend.

  3. A lesson I so need to learn.
    But sometimes we are the guardian angels in the lives of others.
    A beautiful message.

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