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I had the privilege recently of guest writing on my daughters blog.  So I’m introducing her to you and it’s her turn to be a guest on my blog.  After reading the post I just published, she was laughing, and wanted to comment on the value she thinks milk brings to my life.

Here she is, Just call her Naomi:

Well, I know that my mother definitely drinks more milk than I do. She was able to open up the pickle jar earlier when I could not.

I definitely know not to mess with my mom. She could easily break my arm if I ever tried to oppose her physically. But of course I’m never going to do that and she will never break my arm, even if I did physically oppose her. She’d more likely smack me down since it’s quite effective when it comes to me 🙂 otherwise all she has to do is yell.

Now she’s ranting about the milk again (lol) and pacing the kitchen. This is how much she loves whole milk. I myself love whole milk but can occasionally settle for 2%. I hate 1% and skim. You give either to me in a glass and I won’t touch it. Skim milk just tastes like water. Yes people, we love our whole milk and don’t like it when it’s been tampered with.

Don’t reduce the fat to 3% and call it whole milk. It won’t work. Us whole milk lovers will most definitely notice. And don’t try to replace it with something else because again we will notice.

My opinion, whole milk is sacred and should not have to be changed. If it is changed it is not whole milk.



  1. My daughter bought Christmas presents and sent me the bill.
    Maybe I will give her a bottle of pickles.
    I wonder if she will be able to open it?

  2. Well you told me before I even wrote my most recent blog. lol

  3. Thank you Frank, for checking out our post. I have yet to inform my daughter that a blog post is a form of essay. If I did that, she might get writers block. Once she has written a few more, I’ll tell her that. Maybe she will get over her fear of essay writing once she understands that an essay is just a sometimes passionate, personal position on a given subject.

  4. Welcome Naomi … and passionate milk purist. Although I seldom drink milk, I agree … leave whole milk alone!

  5. Just for information purposes, I edited this blog a little bit. I capitalized the “i’s” that my daughter didn’t (she has a bit of the texting syndrome). Other than that, it’s much as it was when she wrote it. Thanks for reading.

  6. My daughter is so funny. I can’t even imagine her and I in a physical confrontation. She made the statement about my being stronger than her because of my being able to open the pickle jar when she couldn’t. I have to qualify that though. The pickle jar had been sitting under hot running water for several minutes, and she has been working out in her new swim team all week, busy breaking down her muscles in preparation for building them up. I figure in a couple of weeks she’ll be stronger than me.
    We’ll both be drinking milk. Her to add more muscle and me to keep what I have.

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