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I wrote this a few years ago… It’s still relevant today.
Dear Friends and Family,
I was just sent an email in a round about way from an old friend. There was apparently a discussion going on about God, country, and natural disasters. Many people have asked, “Why did God let this happen?”Some sources blame the result of the natural disaster on God’s getting out of the way because we as a country have backed away from praying in schools, acknowledging God in our institutions of learning, or requesting his help in our governing practices, whether on the home front, or in our places of governance.
Here’s a different thought ….. God gave most of us the ability to tell right from wrong, to understand the difference between a Good outcome and a bad one. In addition to that, we have several books full of guidance on what works well and what doesn’t, know matter which religious order you follow. With all that, I’m sure he or she or it (depending on your personal interpretation of what a higher power consists of) expects us to follow along doing the right thing by each other, and not just think about ourselves and the short term expediency.
Unfortunately, even though for several decades, we have known that the levees around New Orleans weren’t built well enough to withstand a major Hurricane, we have shrugged our collective shoulders and said, we’ll do it another time, gambling people’s lives that a major force hurricane wouldn’t happen before we got to it. This didn’t happen because God allowed it to happen….. It happened because WE allowed it to happen. The same thing could be said for any number of other massive destructors. We have the technology for early warning systems for things like Tsunamis, but not the political will to put them in place and give up some other comfort. In fact, it’s those other comforts (luxuries – not necessities) that stop us from doing a Lot of things we should be doing. How many people really NEED a nintendo or an Xbox. and yet, how many people Have them? How many people will put themselves in debt for a new item that is just coming out, but won’t spend the time or the effort to fix things that need fiixng around the house, their neighborhood, or in their local communities.
Until we start seeing the needs of others as As Important as the needs of ourselves, we will Not prosper as a nation, as a people, or really, as individuals. One way to start making a real difference in the world, is to look around and find a family or an individual in your area who is worse off than you and give them the help they need to make their lives more successful. In raising others, we raise ourselves. This is the essence of Godliness.

If everyone did this just once, we would be better off, but if everyone does this as a matter of course, sprinkled throughout their lives, there would be no poor, no needy, and no major force natural disaster would catch people by surprise.

If we were a more ideal people, we wouldn’t lie about each other, expect to be treated more specially than others, believe ourselves better, or treat others poorly. If we really Wanted to work together we could accomplish so much more than we have already, and even in an unstable natural environment, we could protect ourselves and other people better.
People would move out when a force of nature threatened, and would have somewhere to go, because other people would help them get out in a timely manner and take them in. A sudden Earthquake might collapse poorly built structures, but since we know how to build better ones, we would have done that already too. We’d be prepared for disasters. We wouldn’t build downstream from Dams. We wouldn’t maintain dams incorrectly, we wouldn’t cut corners on construction projects and we wouldn’t ignore the warnings given us by our local officials when it was time to move out to maintain our safety.
Too bad we aren’t that ideal of an people yet….. Maybe it’s about time we started working on that, from within each and everyone of us. May your Holiday be Happy because you did something to make someone else’s Holiday more successful.
Best Regards,

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