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Have you ever wanted to  do something to make a difference?   Grow a fabulous one of a kind flower?  Or save a whale?  Or spot a roadside bomb before it goes off?   People have all sorts of dreams, and all kinds of gifts to share.  The gift that is most needed lately is kindness.  The dreams that occur to people most often seem to have little to do with the use of that gift.

I propose that we concentrate our efforts on being deliberately kind; not just randomly on a whim, and not just civil, but truly kind, everyday.  Where you see suffering, bring healing.  Where you see sadness, bring joy.  Where you see want, bring plenty.  Make the effort to get out of your comfort zone.  Search for those who need what you have to give.  Everyone has something; be it time, energy, money, food, abilities, or any combination of those where and when it’s called for.  I’m not advocating giving where it’s not needed, or being an enabler of continuing poverty, providing hand-outs to those who could make an effort of their own.  I am advocating being a catalyst for better things; for others, as well as for yourselves.

Starting new things is exciting, and nerve wracking at the same time.  There is the adrenaline rush of daring to make the effort, and the fear of creating an epic fail.  This isn’t epic, this is just a little blog to say I’m launching a new effort.  This is my new day.   I have talents that I haven’t begun to tap, and opinions on a variety of subjects that may or may not be helpful to someone, but I feel the need of expressing them anyway.  I hope you are all having a good day, and that you make it even better by making someone else’s day as well.


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